Fix “You Must Restart the Application using” Error

In this post, we willl discuss how to fix the “You Must Restart the Application using” error in Destiny 2. Destiny 2 is a free-to-play online-only multiplayer first-person shooter video game. It is developed by Bungie and ever since it was first released in 2017, the shooter game has climbed in terms of popularity. But there are times when you face issues in the game.

You might be enjoying the gaming experience to a great extent and immerse yourself into that world completely. But the program can crash out of nowhere and you’re forced to restart the game. This is where the “You Must Restart the Application using” error can come on your screen. 

You Must Restart the Application using" Error

What Should You Know About The Error?

It is fine if this issue occurs once in a while. But when the error is taking place at regular intervals, you have to find a solution for it. You cannot run with the same error continuously over some time. It can occur for many different reasons and different solutions are depending on these reasons.  

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Causes Of The “You Must Restart the Application using” Error 

As we have already discussed, there are reasons behind the error occurring frequently. However, there’s no precise information regarding the error. But there is a correlation between the error being reported by different users. It is found that this particular error takes place only after Destiny 2 has received an update. Just when the developers add a bunch of new features to the platform, it doesn’t run smoothly with the application. The majority of the gamers face the “You Must Restart the Application using” error. This error can occur if the Blizzard app has not updated all of your account information from the server-side such as your tag.  

Solutions For The “You Must Restart the Application using” error 

Generally, this error shouldn’t take place frequently. As we have already said, it takes place only after the app has been updated. So there are high chances that the error fades away on its own once the update sits well with the game. We will still discuss the most common solutions for this type of error: 

Solution #1: Run as Administrator 

Running a game as an administrator can solve half your problems. Once you run both Destiny 2 and the Blizzard application as administrators, the chances are high that the “You Must Restart the Application using” error has been fixed. When a user runs any application as an administrator, it gives him all the permission he would need. The necessary data to identify players would also be provided and it will be made sure that this error does not occur again.

Now you must be concerned about how to run Destiny 2 and Blizzard as an administrator. You just have to right-click their icons and choose the option which allows you to use these apps as administrators. It is only a matter of seconds before you become the administrator for the game. Just check if the problem has been solved, or else you can choose the other solutions to follow in this list. 

Solution #2: Wait For Some Time

The most common time when the “You Must Restart the Application using” error occurs is when the app has been recently updated. The thing with the server is that the error can take place frequently. But most of them last only for a temporary period. If you have just updated Destiny 2, it is bound to bring you plenty of errors and this one will be one of them. You can sit back, relax and wait for a couple of hours. It might not sound like a solution as it is more of advice.

But trust us when we say that it works out the majority of the time. Since the “You Must Restart the Application using” error is just a minor bug in the system, all you have to do is give some rest to the application and your system here. 

Solution #3: Scan and Repair 

If you have chosen the above-mentioned solutions and none of them made a difference, it is time to scan and repair the program. It is the best way of seeing all the errors that are there in the server and the game. So you can repair all errors in Destiny 2 which will include the “You Must Restart the Application using” error. Before you do the scan activities, you have to go to the cache settings of You’re required to search for “%PROGRAMDATA%\”, “%APPDATA%\”, “%LOCALAPPDATA%\”, “%APPDATA%\Bungie\DestinyPC” particularly in the settings. You have to delete all these cache items one by one. When you deal with each cache item in detail about deleting all of them, the error is most likely to fade away. This method can take some time but the accuracy in results is very high here. 

Solution #4: Reset Password 

The “You Must Restart the Application using” error can take place if the server is finding it hard to identify the user. It is about how you can make things each for the server to identify you so that the error doesn’t take place in the times to come. Resetting the password doesn’t require you to do anything special. You just have to choose a strong password that you can remember easily at the same point in time. Once the account password is reset, you can launch the game through We are sure that the “You Must Restart the Application using” error won’t take place again once you have made these little changes. 


You can try these solutions alternatively to get rid of the error. As we have already discussed, the error takes place for a temporary period majority of the time. But if it’s just not fading away, these solutions can be helpful to remove it!

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