What You Should Know About Stellaris Time Loop

If you’re into sci-fi games, Stellaris is something that’s going to be a very interesting gaming experience for you. It released back in 2016 and the game didn’t get favourable reviews when it first came out. Coming from Paradox Development Studios, the game confused all kinds of gamers until they got into the groove of it. There are some really strange worlds to discover here along with Stellaris time loop. As you enter a new adventure in the game, you are going to have unexpected and limitless possibilities. 


Overview of Stellaris

If you haven’t played this game before and have gotten confused by the gameplay, you’re not the first one my friend. Here are some of the things that you have to keep in mind before you make this game one of your own: 

  1. When you initially start playing the game, you might see an option to create your race. But until you understand how things go around, you shouldn’t try to make your race. You should play with a pre-developed race and once you have understood how things work in the game, you can do whatever you would like to do. 
  2. You don’t have to focus too much on the ruler of your race. As you play this game and move ahead, you’ll be entering a different period and getting a new ruler. So you mustn’t get too attached to the ruler as it wouldn’t be constant throughout your journey in the game. 
  3. Once you start acquiring trait points, it doesn’t mean that you have to use them all in one go. You should rather try to use trait points as you require from it. There is no need to be looking too far ahead and sticking to what’s best for you in the current phase. 
  4. You don’t have to be very sure regarding the decisions you make early on in the game. Everything regarding your race is bound to change when you enter the new world. So you should make your decisions without thinking too much about their future implications. 
  5. While you can take your time to understand how the gameplay works, your major goal should be to strengthen your army as much as possible. You have to keep building ships between your initial initiatives too as it wouldn’t be too big of a problem. 

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Things to know about Stellaris Time Loop 

While we have discussed enough how Stellaris is supposed to be played when you are new to this experience, it is important to dwell on some of the key features here. Stellaris time loop is one of such options. As we have already discussed, you will be getting three options in the anomaly event through the Stellaris time loop option. 

stellaris time loop
  1. The first option that you will get here is that you can simply leave the planet alone and don’t do anything at all. This option is chosen in case you want to understand society and physics. It will take about 10 years for society to reemerge from the planet. It wouldn’t take much time for the empire to rebuild if you haven’t repaired your shield. 
  2. The second option that you’re going to get through the Stellaris time loop is that you disrupt it completely. The first option is only going to lead to one and predictable result. But this second option is going to provide you with several outcomes. You might get the empire too though the chances are that the entire world is converted into a tomb. The Fanatic Purifiers can be freed from the time loop here. It is considered to be a risky option as they are the violent species here. The risk involved is quite high here if your squad is not having the strength to complete with Fanatic Purifiers. If your fleet has got the strength, you can always take the route of freeing Fanatic Purifiers and declare war. 
  3. Moving on to the last option under the Stellaris time loop, you get to repair your shield on this mission. One of the major advantages of this option is that you can erase Fanatic Purifiers from the list. It will always be a headache for you competing with this society that doesn’t believe in love and peace at all when they are around. Once you have gotten rid of this species, you will have fewer things to worry about in the game. 

Why Go For Stellaris Time Loop? 

  • One of the major reasons why you should choose it is to keep things interesting in the game. Since it provides you with three different options, you have got the chance to completely transform yourself into a new dimension in the game. It is amazing how each of the options can provide you therewith ee contrasting results.
  • If you don’t have enough strength with your fleet, you will have the chance to save yourself from the wrath of Fanatic Purifiers. If you’re still new to the game, you need these advantages to help yourself dodge the attack from this violent species. Stellaris time loop is destined to help you in this regard. 

If you have got enough strength with your fleet, it is better to set the Fanatic Purifiers free and have a war with the species. It is going to be a great test of your caliber as well. But there’s nothing wrong in taking the easy way out, especially when you haven’t understood all the dynamics regarding the gameplay. So until you have got the strength, you can choose to go for Stellaris time loop and not free Fanatic Purifiers and avoid them completely!

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