Why Is reCAPTCHA Not Working On Steam?

Steam is the cornerstone of PC gaming; you practically need it to play any of the big games today. This is precisely what makes all the errors and dysfunctions of Steam more unbearable than any other application.

There’s nothing more annoying than when you just want to play a game and a random error that you have never seen before pops up.

Something like this has been happening lately, as many people report an issue with reCAPTCHA not working on Steam. If you are facing a similar problem, here is a guide to help you figure out the actual case and the solution to it. 

recaptcha not working on steam

Possible Causes Behind ReCAPTCHA Not Working On Steam

There are a wide variety of issues that can cause lead to reCAPTCHA not working on Steam. It can lie anywhere, be it on your end, the APIs, or with the company itself. Here are some that might stop you from logging into Steam. 

recaptcha not working on steam

Filling The CAPTCHA Incorrectly

Most of the time, the reason behind reCAPTCHA not working on Steam is the user mistyping it. Before trying any other solution, make sure you aren’t making a mistake while writing down the contents of CAPTCHA.

Sometimes, it is a little tricky, and you can’t rule out typing errors either. Plus, the CAPTCHAs are case-sensitive, so you need to write it as you see it on the screen. Double-check your submission and make certain you are not making a writing mistake. 

Issues With Your Internet Connection

ReCAPTCHA is a service that runs on Google servers in real-time; hence, its functionality totally depends on your internet connection. Any little issue with your internet can cause it not to work properly.

Your internet speed and connectivity are probably the culprits behind the reCAPTCHA not working on Steam. However, issues like this are easily solvable and might just resolve with a simple connection reset. 

A VPN or Proxy Running On Your System

VPNs are excellent for dodging internet barriers and hiding your personal data. Proxies work the same way. But they can be an issue when you are trying to get through Steam. VPNs and proxies change your location, creating conflicts with Steam’s servers.

You are also required to fill in your country while logging into Steam. Thus having two different locations can definitely cause issues with the reCAPTCHA. Even when you haven’t personally connected to a VPN, it can sometimes do so automatically if you have one installed on your system. 

Conflicts With Your Browser

There are a lot of elements in your web browser that can create an issue with the Steam reCAPTCHA. A browser’s stored caches can interfere with the process and inhibit you from submitting a reCAPTCHA form successfully.

Web cookies have a similar scenario of their own as well. Various extensions can cause an issue in the connection between your browser and the servers of reCAPTCHA. 

A more specific issue has risen recently as well. There are some noticeable problems with the Steam reCAPTCHA when you are running a Chromium-based web browser. Google Chrome is the most prominent example of that. 

IPV6 Issues

You couldn’t possibly connect to the internet and surf a website without the Internet Protocol, more commonly known as just IP. It is the method that connects systems worldwide to the global web.

Users have noticed that they are having trouble going through the reCAPTCHA when they are using IPV6, the latest version of this protocol.

The exact issue is yet to be discovered, but it has been seen that the protocol shuts down while submitting the reCAPTCHA data causing the verification to fail. 

How To Fix ReCAPTCHA Not Working On Steam?

It’s easier to find a solution to a problem when you know what the root cause is. A whole set of issues can interfere with Steam’s reCAPTCHA. Here are some solutions that can take care of all of them respectively. 

Refresh The App or Browser

While it might sound too non-technical, sometimes a simple reload of your application or browser can solve the problem. It is a simple solution that you can try before moving on to other, more complex measures. You can also try completely exiting the app or browser and restarting it. 

The other common browser issues are with cookies and caches. Try clearing both of them to see if it makes a change. 

Restart Your System and Internet Connection

When only restarting your application isn’t enough, you can try restarting your entire system. Processor issues or memory lags can alter how an application behaves and operates. And so can different processes running in the background. Restarting your system will give you a fresh, clean start. 

You can also try restarting your Wi-Fi router and broadband. It can resolve many internet issues that might interfere with the process. 

Update Your Steam Application

If you are using the official application for logging in or signing up, the app version can determine your chances of succeeding at it. Make sure your application isn’t outdated, as it is definitely going to be a problem. Install the latest version from the official Steam website when you don’t want to face similar issues in the future. Always keep an eye on future updates as well. 

Disable IPV6

As mentioned before, Internet Protocol Version 6 is known to create problems when solving the Steam reCAPTCHA. Turning it off temporarily is a quick solution. You must follow a few simple steps to switch to the older IPV4. 

  1. Open up the Run dialog box by clicking the Windows button + R on your keyboard together. Once you see it on your screen, type “ncpa.cpl” and press enter. This will take you to the Network Connections menu. 
  2. Inside you will find your active network adapter. Right-clicking on it will reveal a new menu, and you have to click on the “Properties” option.
  3. Click on the Networking tab inside Properties and scroll down until you find an option that says Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPV6).
  4. Uncheck the option and click on “Ok”. 
  5. You might need to restart your system to allow it to come into effect. 

Disable VPNs and Proxy

Using a proxy or a VPN interferes with how the reCAPTCHA connects with its servers. Disconnect and disable any application or extension like that running on your system. 

Avoid auto-CAPTCHA solvers

Automatic CAPTCHA solvers are useful, but just like any other application, they can malfunction. If you use a tool like that, try disabling it for a while. Simply filling in the CAPTCHA manually might solve your problem. 

Conclusion – Why Is ReCAPTCHA Not Working On Steam?

While Steam is usually free of bugs, it is not invincible. Issues can arise even when it’s not their fault, and something is wrong on your end. There are a lot of reasons behind reCAPTCHA not working on Steam. However, most of them are minor and require just a quick fix.

It can solve by itself most of the time too. If none of the abovementioned fixes work, it’s most likely an issue with the company’s servers. If that’s the case, the issue will get resolved quickly without you having to do anything. 

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