Minecraft VBOs Explained – Should you keep them off or on?

Every game comes with its in-game settings. You have to make sure that you use these settings to the best of their potential so that they can help you have a smooth gaming experience. Minecraft is one of the most popular games out there and if you like to play it, you should be familiar with some of its major settings. One of the things to look forward to here is Minecraft VBOs. 

What Are VBOs?

The first thing to be taken into account is to understand what are VBOs in the first place. It can be described as a video setting that stands for vertical buffer objects. This feature will give you a great idea about all the procedures and methods that need to be followed in the game for uploading your vertex data. It will include all the settings such as positioning vector, colour etc. To make it short and simple, VBOs are meant to smartly render scenes in the game. 

Should Minecraft VBOs Be Turned On Or Off? 

As you can see for yourself, Minecraft VBOs can find great use in the game. But how will you decide if Minecraft VBOs should be turned on or off? If you want to conclude, you need to keep the following points in your mind: 

1. Results In Better FPS 

What is FPS in the first place? It is described as Frames per second. It plays a great role in the game as a whole. If it is having a lower FPS, you will see that the game lags quite a bit. When you start playing Minecraft early on, you won’t be facing many problems as long as you satisfy the minimum requirements to play the game. But as you go on in the game, you will find various changes to the environment around you. You will feel that it has started lagging. But as you turn the Minecraft VBOs on, you will find several changes to the game. It will increase the FPS of the game which will allow it to function more smoothly. Lagging can be quite irritating at times and the situation is going to occur far more regularly when you start playing the game frequently. 

2. Use Of GPUs Over CPUs 

Once you have turned Minecraft VBOs on, you will make sure to use GPUs over CPUs. It can prove to be a great benefit for your gaming experience and the system as a whole. We will have to understand the concept of GPUs and how it compliments CPUs extremely well. First of all, GPUs have superior processing power. When you’re using some heavy-duty applications on your PC, you will see that it takes a huge toll on your processor. It is about making sure that the burden is decreased.

When you turn Minecraft VBOs on, you make sure that you use GPU over CPU to ensure that the processing power of the system gets a massive boost. Apart from that, it also makes sure that the memory bandwidth and efficiency of the game and system are increased drastically as well. All in all, it is going to ensure that the processing of the system works smoothly. So even if you play the game for hours continuously without a break, it wouldn’t be an issue. It will be all thanks to the fact that you have turned Minecraft VBOs on for the cause. 

3. Letting Go Of Unnecessary Aspects 

When you have kept the VBOs off, you will see that the unnecessary aspects of Minecraft have gotten loaded as well. It has got a lot to do with the scope of the game. While the game might not be as big as some of the other popular games out there, it may still take a huge toll on your data. When you first start loading the game, you will see that it will take too much time before it’s ready to be played. This can happen over some time.

As the cache memory of the game develops, you will find it harder and harder to load the game quickly. To ensure that the unnecessary bit of Minecraft is kept off, you have to turn on the Minecraft VBOs. It will make sure that the unnecessary data is not used at all. Some of the data cannot be seen but it’s still a huge part of the game. You want to make sure that the unnecessary part is not loaded in the first place. It wouldn’t take you more than a couple of seconds to turn Minecraft VBOs on and make sure that the part that’s not necessary is strictly avoided while playing the game. 

4. See The Effect On Your Own 

Now that you know what VBOs are and how turning Minecraft VBOs on can prove to be beneficial to you, it’s not a certainty by any means. It can differ from device to device. While it can work fantastically well on a PC, things might not work in the same fashion for another. There are times when it doesn’t have an impact on your system at all. To have a better understanding of it, you have to turn on the option for some time and turn it back off. Did you find some visible changes to your gaming experience when you had turned Minecraft VBOs on? If it was the case, you need to persist with the option. But if there was no difference brought to the game at all, it’s better to keep it off and find other ways to run the game smoothly. 

How Do Minecraft VBOs Improve Performance? 

It might be a major question arising in your mind. How can a single option make sure that the performance of the game is increased on your PC? To start with, you’re almost spoon-feeding the vertices to the driver. You’re doing it attribute per attribute and bringing the necessary changes to its position, normal, colour etc. It is executed as a complete package before the command is passed to the GPU. You also have a chance to use vertex arrays which will allow you to give the whole thing to your driver at once. If you haven’t turned this option on, you will see that your driver has to make sure of reformatting the vertices time and again. So you don’t call for functions per vertex, you can rather deal with the entire thing as a whole. 

This option allows you to store data on the GPU side. You don’t have to send and store it frame by frame but you have to send the whole thing at once. You can refer to it with a handle. The idea is to save bandwidth as you wouldn’t be required to send the same data time and again. 

Final Words

You can see for yourself how turning on VBOs can prove to be effective in Minecraft. So now that we have discussed what are VBOs and what is VBO in Minecraft, you know all the reasons why it can prove to be a great benefit for your gaming experience although its effect can differ from device to device. 

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