How to Fix Minecraft Port Forwarding Error

Minecraft is a popular game that is loved by gamers of all ages. The open-world sandbox experience of Minecraft allows you to your own universe in the game. From houses to forests and temples to whole cities and civilizations, the possibilities are endless in Minecraft, and the only thing holding you back is your imagination.

Ever since its inception, Minecraft has enjoyed vast popularity due to its simple graphics, engrossing gameplay and its dedicated community. However, just like every popular game, Minecraft has its fair share of bugs and issues. One such issue is the Minecraft port forwarding error.

minecraft port forwarding error

If you are a fan of Minecraft, you know that one of the game’s major selling points is the ability to host your own server on your PC or use your server from a remote location by enabling port forwarding. In layman’s terms, port forwarding keeps your IP address safe and secures servers and clients from unauthorised access. Port forwarding adds an extra layer of security to your network and allows you to enjoy Minecraft with your friends on your own private server.

However, port forwarding isn’t as simple as it seems, and it might need some playing around to get everything up and running.  The Minecraft port forwarding error is an error that has haunted PC gamers for a long time. But, fear not! In this article, we will learn exactly what the Minecraft port forwarding error is, what causes this error and how to fix the Minecraft port forwarding error. So, put on your nerdy glasses, grab a cup of coffee, and jump in!

What Is Port Forwarding?

Minecraft is a game that requires high traffic and a great network to create a server and stay connected to it. This is where port forwarding comes into the picture. To keep it simple, a port is reserved for a particular application with more traffic so that you can enjoy better latency and faster speed on that port. Port forwarding is very useful for real-time multiplayer games that experience heavy traffic.

In case any other application or program tries to access the port dedicated to Minecraft, you will encounter the  Minecraft port forwarding error. Diagnosing the Minecraft port forwarding error is rather simple once you’ve understood how port forwarding works and what causes the port forwarding error.

IP Address Issue

The Minecraft port forwarding error can generally be resolved by checking for all the IP addresses and ports connected to ensure no conflicts with the ports. You must ensure that no other application uses the same port as Minecraft. Some applications like Skype might require port forwarding.

Keep an eye out for such applications and close them when you are not using them to ensure that the port is reserved for Minecraft. You can also use the Task Manager to check for networking applications and terminate the applications that might be causing the Minecraft port forwarding error.

Port Binding Issue

Another issue that might be causing the Minecraft port forwarding error is port binding. The concept of port binding is rather simple. Sometimes, your Internet Service Provider(ISP) may have a port bound to a specific IP address on your modem/router. In such cases, try contacting your ISP to resolve the issue so that you can start enjoying Minecraft with your friends again.

A Port binding error arises when your modem or router has that port bound to another IP address or application by firmware. The only way to access that port would be by overriding the firmware. In some cases, you may need to replace your modem/router or contact your device manufacturer and ask them to diagnose the issue.

Other Fixes

The two common culprits behind the Minecraft port forwarding error are port binding and IP address issues. However, if the above solutions did not work for you and you still face the port forwarding error, you need not panic. Here are some common fixes that you can try to resolve the issue:

1. Power Cycling

Power Cycling simply means turning the hardware off for some time and then turning it back again. This is a common hack that resolves the majority of the problems related to hardware and IP address issues. We advise you to wait a few minutes before restarting your device and changing the IP address. We hope this helped resolve the issue. If not, move on to the next solution!

2. Reset The Router

Believe it or not, resetting your router will solve half of your network and IP address issues. However, you must be careful while following this method, as resetting the router will undo all of your changes and restore all the saved settings. We recommend you make changes to your settings again after resetting the router, boot up Minecraft, and inspect if the Minecraft port forwarding error has been fixed.

3. Turn UPnP Off

If your UPnP is enabled, it could be the reason behind the port forwarding error. It could be causing the Minecraft port to collide with other port servicing devices. In order to fix this, you simply need to turn off your UPnP. This should eliminate the error and allow you to continue playing Minecraft with your friends on your own server without any disruption.

If none of the above solutions works, you should inform your ISP’s customer service about your problem and ask them to provide a solution. Some ISPs disable port forwarding or ban a few ports, leading to the port forwarding error. Get in touch with your ISP and ask for their assistance in such cases.

Final Words on Minecraft Port Forwarding Error

That concludes our article on the Minecraft port forwarding error. We hope you understood how port forwarding works, what causes the port forwarding error and how to fix it. Give the methods a try, and let us know which one worked for you. If you know of any other solution to the port forwarding error, let us know in the comments below.

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