Fix Minecraft “Authentication Servers Are Down”

Minecraft is one of the best sandbox video games out there. Having a fanbase of over a million people is riding high on popularity. It’s even better when you run it on Windows 10, one of the most advanced operating systems that you’re going to find for your PC. It doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t be facing any issues while running the game on Windows 10. 

minecraft authentication servers are down

How to Fix Minecraft “Authentication Servers Are Down”

Time and again, you will see that Minecraft authentication servers are down. Now, this is something that can be terribly irritating especially if you get very little time. Users have often complained of this problem and can’t seem to find a fix for it. This issue can arise for varied sorts of reasons and to fix it, you will have to follow the step by step guide carefully: 

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1. Checking Your Internet Connection 

One of the first things to do is to check your internet connection when such an error occurs on your system. For a fact, you would love to play Minecraft online. But in case your internet connection is slow, it is going to end up giving rise to all sorts of bugs. If your Minecraft authentication servers are down, this has to be one of the reasons behind the issue. If the issue keeps on persisting for a longer period, you probably need to find a new internet connection that can do the job nicely. 

2. Checking The Status Of Minecraft Server 

This is the step where you’re going to get a clear picture of the server. You have to go to the official website of Minecraft to make it happen in the first place. You will easily be able to know the status of the application. If the servers are down, you probably have to wait till the servers can work fine all over again. If the case is going to persist for a longer period, you need to come in contact with the owners of the server.

3. Install The Latest Version 

In the next step, you have to see the version of Minecraft that you’re using in the first place. When Minecraft authentication servers are down, you might think that internet connection is its main cause. You might also want to see the status of the server as it can be another common reason behind the issue. But if you don’t find any fault in your internet connection or the server, it might have something to do with the version of Minecraft that you’re using. You have to try and use the latest version of this application. You can go to the official website of Minecraft and download the version that has been released most recently. 

4. Flush DNS and Reset TCP/IP 

If none of the above-mentioned methods is providing you with the results, you probably have to go a level beyond in terms of solution. Flushing DNS and resetting TCP/IP is not everyone’s cup of tea. To do so, you have to command prompt as an administrator in the search box. In the window to follow, you have to command four different commands and press enter after each to execute them. ipconfig /flushdns, ipconfig /renew, netsh int IP reset,netsh Winsock reset are the four commands. In the next step, you have to go to Facebook and see if the error is fixed or not. This solution can be tricky at times so you should apply it only if the easier methods haven’t worked out. 

5. Log In To The Launcher Again

The last solution to be taken into the account is to log out of the launcher and log in once again. If you have already tried all the above methods and Minecraft authentication servers are still down, this is your last resort. To do so, you have to open the Microsoft launcher first. You will find the user icon in the upper right corner. When you click on it, you will be getting an option to log out from the drop-down menu. Once you have been logged out, you can log in to your account all over again. Once you log back in, you can try to connect to the server and see if the issue has been fixed or not. 

Run Your Own Minecraft Server 

If you want to enjoy Minecraft as much as you would like, it is better than you opting for your server. While the Minecraft authentication servers can be down at several points and cause you trouble, running your own Minecraft server can offer you some great benefits. Here are some of those advantages: 

1. Play As Per Your Rules 

Since you own the server, you get to deal with the game the way you want. There are so many things that I can do as the sole administrator. Define the roles for others as per your desires. You will also have the advantage of controlling spawn rates. You can make the decisions regarding landscapes on your own entirely. The other players are going to live under your shadow. So you don’t have to seek anyone’s help to change anything that you don’t like. You will be able to do it all on your own. 

2. Grow Your Community 

Since you have got the freedom, you can build a community that you can call yours. In case you want to build an entire team with people from your family or your friends, it’s very much possible. As we have talked about in the previous point, you get to change the landscape entirely. You will be able to share the footage of things online and your friends on social platforms will be able to know about it.

3. Adding Mods As Per Your Desires 

There are all kinds of mods available here. Now you might have your particular choice regarding the mods that you will like to use here.  When you are administrating your mod on your own, you get to test and implement things as it fits you. All in all, you get a lot of freedom here. 

If your Minecraft authentication servers are down for a short period, you probably have to wait for a bit as it can be a glitch on part of developers. But in case the problem remains for a longer period, you should try all the solutions mentioned by us one by one!

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