How Many Enchantments Can A Sword Have In Minecraft?

Minecraft is one of the most popular games across the world. People want to learn new things about the game and want to learn more in the times to come as they witness the incredible experience it offers. Since it includes all kinds of features, you might not be able to understand all of these terms. One of them is Enchanting in Minecraft.

To describe it in simple terms, enchanting is one of the most creative and amazing mechanics that you’re going to get here. It can pay huge dividends to the users when used properly. So the question is, how many Enchantments can a sword have in Minecraft? 

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enchanments in Minecraft

To answer this question in simple terms, you will get various types of Enchantments for various kinds of equipment. Each one of them has its specific uses. Some of these enchantments can be used in such a way that the power or the effect of the items available with you is raised. Some other enchantments are used to improve the durability of certain objects. It is key to use all of them in such a way that you can have more success in the game. 

List Of Enchantments

If you’re searching for how many Enchantments can a sword have in Minecraft, you should see that there’s a particular number of them available in the game. Different objects have their own set of enchantments. For example, Minecraft swords have got ten Enchantments. Let’s go through this list and understand these Enchantments nicely: 

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  1. Bane Of Arthropods: If you want to inflict more damage on hostile arthropods such as spiders, silverfish, bees etc, this Enchantments deals with it. 
  2. Fire Aspect: If you want to set things on fire, this may help. There are times when you want to cause damage to things out of nowhere and this fire Aspect can help you in such situations. 
  3. Looting: As the name suggests, this enchantment is meant for loots. It can be described as a bluff that will make sure to increase the amount of loot dropped so that you can gain maximum advantage from it. 
  4. Sharpness: You can look at the name and serve how it is going to help your sword. When you want to get that edge over your opponents, the sharpness of the objects is going to help in a big way. 
  5. Site: You will face the situation of getting zombies, skeletons, husks, phantoms in your way. You need to have a more effective sword against these enemies and this Enchantment is going to make sure that you get rid of such enemies comfortably. 
  6. Unbreaking: This is considered to be a rare bluff. Your weapon has its lifetime and it is destined for that limited run. But when you get unbreaking Enchantment, you are going to make sure that the durability of the weapon is increased. 
  7. Mending: It’s almost impossible to repair the weapon while it’s still in use. This Enchantment deals with the cause comfortably and makes sure that you can repair your sword while you’re still fighting. It helps you stop the wastage of time and get the repairs done as and when they are needed. 
  8. Curse of vanishing: When the player is dead, opponents can use his weapon and take advantage of it. With assistance from this Enchantment, one can make sure that the weapon vanishes when the player is dead. 
  9. Sweeping edge: When you’re sweeping, attacking your opponents, you can destroy them in a big way. With the help of a sweeping edge, you will get that extra push to make sure that the damage is caused at the maximum level. But it is meant for the people who are using the Java edition of the game. 
  10. Knockback: When you’re attacking your opponent, you would want to finish the job as soon as possible. With the help of knockback Enchantment, you can knock your enemies away. 

Things To Know About Different Enchantments 

1. No Limits 

If your major question is how many Enchantments can a sword have in Minecraft, you should know that there are no limits to it. While you can have 10 kinds of Enchantments, there’s no limit on how many of them you can have at a particular point in time. This only means one thing, you have got limitless options to make your sword more powerful. Imagine if you have all kinds of Enchantments available in plenty. Doesn’t that make you far ahead of your opposition? The mighty tasks are going to become easier, all thanks to the fact that there are no limits to the number of Enchantments you can have in Minecraft.

2. Multiple Enchantments At A Time 

It’s not just the case with enchantments that are meant for swords. You will see that players can have multiple enchantments with an item at a single time. There are all kinds of objects to be used in this game. The more objects available with you, the more are your chances of attacking your opposition firmly. With the help of multiple enchantments, you can perform more operations with the objects and have a better chance of achieving your main goal. 

3. Resetting Enchantments 

If you want to reset enchantments in the game, you can do so through the enchanting table. Using levels such as lapis lazuli and XP, players can enchant every object belonging to them. Through the enchanting table, you can make sure that enchantments in your game are sourced nicely. But there are times when you wouldn’t be getting the best enchantments you intended to get in the first place. So you might be thinking, is there any way they can be reset? Yes, players have a chance to reset the available enchantments and get better ones in the future. 


We have answered how many enchantments can a sword have in Minecraft. We have talked about enchantments for swords as well as enchantments in general. All Enchantments have their levels in the game. To conclude it all, they are meant to help you improve your performance in the game! 

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