How to Get the XP Potion in WoW Easily

World of Warcraft simply referred to as WoW, is one of the most popular games you’re going to come across when it comes to multiplayer online video games. This is the day and age where people play video games that can allow multiple players to have a go at it at the same point in time. WoW is one of those games that can allow you to have a gaming experience with your friends, irrespective of the fact where they are staying at that very moment. There are several different items that you’re going to find and enjoy in World of Warcraft. Out of these amazing features, XP Potion in WoW is always going to stand out. 

You will receive an Experience Potion in WoW once you have completed your task and achieved the objective for you. As you would expect from the name itself, experience potion is going to be a testament to your experience in the game. As you play it more and more over some time, XP Potion is going to come into play. You will be gaining XPs as you play the game frequently.

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Features Of WoW Experience Potion 

get xp potion in wow
  1. It provides you with a specific amount of boost. As you’re going to get more XPs in the game, it is going to be rewarding in many ways. Some of the boosts that you’re going to get with its help cannot be applied universally. It means that they will be about a particular objective and you have to know about it exactly. 
  2. There are mainly 4 types of XP Potion in WoW that you’re going to gain after achieving an objective. These are Excess Potion Of Accelerated Learning, Elixir of Ancient Knowledge, Elixir of the Rapid Mind, and lastly, the Draught of Ten Lands. 
  3. You might earn XPs otherwise but if you want to make the XP rewards even better, you will find XP Potion in WoW to be helpful. All you have to do is complete your objective and get that massive incline in terms of your XP. 

Draught of Ten Lands

The developers have made a huge change and went on to remove most of these features from the game. The Shadowlands expansion of WoW released in November 2020 and it went on to make all these XPs unusable. While the rest of the experience potions cannot be accessed anymore, Draught Of Ten Lands can still be used. Here are some of the things that you have to know about Draught Of Ten Lands: 

  1. It is going to provide you with a considerable XP boost for a specific period. 
  2. This boost is meant for 10%. It means that it is going to boost your experience by more than 10%. When you have more experience, it will also open up more reward opportunities for you in the game. 
  3. If you want to get to level 50 in WoW, Draught Of Ten Lands can help you reach there in a short amount of time. 

How to Get the XP Potion in WoW

You have to understand that this XP Potion in WoW works only for the players who have a level below 30 in the game. Here’s how you can get this XP Potion in the first place: 

  1. You can simply buy it from a Vendor. The XP Potion is not considered to be very rare as you just have to reach out to a vendor in Battle for Azeroth.
  2. You need to get 5 Warfront service medals to qualify for Draught Of Ten Lands. That’s the only way that the vendor is going to provide it to you. 
  3. As you can imagine yourself, you have to perform specific tasks to get Draught Of Ten Lands. These tasks will include Warfronts and Warfront WQ’s. You have to reach 5 Warfront service medals and it can take you some time to reach that level. 

So if you want to get your hands on the only WoW XP Potion that is left right now, you have to perform the Warfront and Warfront WQ’s tasks. While the boost from Draught Of Ten Lands is not massive, it can still prove to be useful! 

Benefits Of Playing WoW 

While playing might be considered a big distraction from your life otherwise, there are multiple benefits of playing this game. We are going to talk about some of these major advantages here: 

  1. It develops you to be multitasking in real life as well. When you’re playing WoW, you have to take all sorts of tactics into account. It is considered to be a cognitively complex game but once you start playing it on regular terms, you’re going to become multi-tasking in your real life as well. 
  2. It helps you to have better memory as well. When you’re having the gaming experience here, you have to keep a lot of things in your mind. When you keep experiencing it for a couple of months, it will become a part of you and your memory is going to become better at the same point in time.
  3. It will help you increase your focus too. While you’re playing the game, you cannot get distracted by any means. It becomes a part of you as long as you’re not applying this focus only to the game. If your children play WoW, you have to make sure that they do so for a limited period in a day. In that way, they can apply the same kind of focus to their studies as well. 
  4. It is quite exhilarating and entertaining. When you have passed one goal, you will have the next goal to look forward to in the game. It means that there’s no time to rest. You have to keep going and keep learning new things as you proceed further in the game. 
  5. The features keep getting updated from time to time. The game is set on a fictional planet called Azeroth so it takes you to a whole new and different world. With all sorts of characters along with different sets of quests, players are always looking to get rewarded here. You get to feature in player vs player combats to make things more interesting.  

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