Steam Family Sharing Not Working? Here’s How To Fix

Steam is one of the most popular platforms across the globe and chances are high that you have already heard about this platform. It can best be described as a digital distribution platform for video games. If Netflix is meant for TV shows and movies, Steam is meant for video games. The steam family library is one of the top features of the platform. It allows family members and guests to play one another games on the platform and add to the tally of their achievements on the Steam library. But are you facing the problem of steam family sharing not showing up? It’s no big issue as long as one of these fixes work out for you: 

How To Fix Steam Family Sharing Not Showing Up 

steam family sharing not working

Making Sure That Authorization Is Granted 

One of the major reasons for steam family sharing not showing up is if you haven’t gotten the authorization. There are times when Steam might automatically disable the family share feature. It means that you have to go through the authorization process all over again to make things work. It’s not something that’s going to take you hours to fix. The thing is that Steam keeps on disabling the shared library function from time to time. All you have to do is enable the function once again. 

Game Doesn’t Support The Feature 

There are times when the game itself wouldn’t acknowledge the shared family feature. In such a case, you have got no other solution than to move on to some other game. We are sure that you can find a great alternative for the same game. Steam has got a variety of games in the same genre. So suppose if one of the car racing games is not supporting this feature, you should move on to some other car racing game that will be able to give a green signal to the shared family library. 

Disabling Antivirus On Your PC 

If you have installed a quality antivirus, it is sure to benefit you in several ways. But if you’re seeing the problem of steam family sharing not showing up, your antivirus can be the reason behind the issue. It is a known fact that most antivirus programs tend to never coexist with Steam and most of its features, family sharing feature in particular. The task here is quite simple as well. You have to switch off the antivirus program up until the time you want to use the feature on your PC. You have to remember to turn it back on since there are all the chances of malware entering your system. 

Running SFC Scan 

If the file is corrupt, you might face the problem of steam family sharing not showing up. If none of the above-mentioned solutions works out, you have to do things a bit differently. Running an SFC scan might just be one of the solutions to be taken into the account. SFC is referred to as System File Checker and it is meant to change the system files with new data. To run it, you have to press the Windows+ R buttons first. You will be required to input “cmd” and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter to run the command as administrator. The last thing to do is type the command and tap enter. The process can take some time to complete so you have to be patient with it. 

So these are some of the major solutions that you can apply if the steam family sharing feature is not showing up. You can encounter this issue for several reasons and if you don’t know the exact reason, you can try all these solutions one by one. It’s a fun feature on Steam that will allow you and your family members to interact in a fun and wholesale manner! 

The Rise Of Steam

How It Started 

Steam was meant to be a platform that was going to strictly cater to PC users. So if you’re playing games on your PC, it was going to be a platform meant for you. But with the period, Steam managed to expand its base to a much larger scale. It was made available to home video gaming consoles such as the Xbox and Sony PlayStation. So you might be wondering how the platform works?

It is quite simple. You have to log in to the website and go on to purchase and play games online. The idea was to give a better alternative to gamers than going to some gaming store and buying CDs and DVDs for their favourite games. 

How It Got Popular 

Steam was created in 2003 and it didn’t attain popularity straight away. It took 2 years for the platform to make a name for itself. Up until 2005, the platform was relevant for games created by Valve itself. It signed external publishers to the platform in 2005 which made a grand change to its popularity amongst the gamers. Steam added to the versatility of the games available on the platform and soon the number of users operating Steam started increasing. It was only a matter of time before Steam became one of the pioneers in online video gaming distribution platforms. 

Various Features Of Steam

Once the gamers started hooking into the platform, the developers started increasing the number of features on the platform. The inclusion of some of the most popular games such as Five Nights At Freddy’s and Subnautica put Steam on the map for gamers worldwide. One of the biggest features of using Steam is that you can purchase and download PC games straight into their computers.

All you have to do is to make a Steam account and get all the regular updates and features of the app. It also includes the feature of the Steam library where gamers can view their statistics, achievements and friend activities. With certain features such as Steam Chats, Game Hubs and Steam Family Sharing,  you get to interact with other people. 

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