Discord Rythm Bot Not Working – How to Fix?

In this post, we will learn about the fixes to the problem of the Discord Rythm Bot Not Working. Discord quickly became one of the world’s most used and popular social media platforms. It has more than 150 million active monthly users, according to statistics. It is especially impressive, considering the platform only came into existence in 2015.

Even with the immense growth of the platform, the main goal remains to have fun for most of the users. One of the best ways you can do it is by listening to music.

Discord Rythm Bot Not Working – Fix

discord rythm bot not working

Rythm bot is statistically the most popular music bot on the problem. But like everything technical, it has its issues as well. If you are struggling with the issue of the Discord Rythm bot not working, here are some fixes.  

See Whether Rythm is Online or Offline

Before moving on to any specific solution, you need to check whether the bot is even available. Like every other internet service, Rythm functions on a server-client basis. Any issues on the server side would mean it can’t transfer any data to the client, i.e. you. 

If the bot is online, it will have a green dot next to its name in the server’s member list. The bot being offline would mean it’s a server issue that is out of your hand. You can just wait for it to come back online or check status updates. The bots have servers of their own, too, where you can check if it is down. 

Ensure you are not on Mute

It might sound like it but rest assured, this solution is not questioning your intelligence. Before trying any solutions, you need to rule out the basic mistakes you might be making. Especially when you are facing issues regarding no sound when playing music, there are chances you might have deafened yourself on the voice channel. Look for a crossed-out headphone symbol near your profile picture at the bottom. Misclicks can lead to it. It even happens on its own sometimes, as many users have reported. 

Check your system volumes as well. If you are on a computer, make sure your Discord tab isn’t muted. Right-click on a tab to mute/unmute a tab.

A common issue related to earphones leads to no sound output. Sometimes, taking out an earphone pauses the playback and mutes it temporarily. 

Check the Volume Levels of the Bot

If you are not on mute, there are chances the bot might be instead. You can check a bot’s volume levels right in the voice channel.

Click on the bot’s icon to enter its settings. You will see a volume bar in there, and if the bot is muted, you would find the bar to be dragged completely to the extreme left. Bring it back to the right level if you notice anything like that. 

Check with the Owner if Rythm is Muted

Another kind of mute can cause issues like having no sound while using Rythm. You can mute members of a Discord server if you are the owner or have the required privileges. They can do the same with a bot on the server as well. You can check it yourself are an admin or the server owner. 

The fixes so far deal with sound-related problems when the bot is online, and the servers are confirmed to be working. 

Make Rythm Re-Join the Voice Channel

If the bot is online, but there is no sound etc., this quick fix might get you through the headache of the Discord Rythm bot not working. The bot being online means there is nothing wrong with its server itself. On top of it, if you managed to get the bot to join a channel, it means it’s functioning properly as well.

It might need just a simple refresh. To do so, disconnect the bot using the designated command and then summon it again. It usually solves most of the issues like no output, lags, inability to play songs, etc. You can try completely resetting the bot’s connection as well. Rythm and many other music bots have a reset command that can solve minor bugs and lags. 

Leave and Re-Join the Channel Yourself

Another way you can solve miscellaneous bot bugs like lags or other malfunctions is by re-joining the voice channel yourself. Disconnecting and connecting again can resolve problems that are not due to any long-term underlying issues. You can try this solution when you are facing problems like not hearing the music playing. 

However, this solution is only applicable if a specific user faces such problems. If other users face the same problem, this might not solve it. 

It is pretty common for Discord bots to bug out for no clear reason. However, it can persist for a while, and sometimes you might just need to give it time to sort itself out. It’s not the end of the world, even if it doesn’t work, and there are other methods you can try. 

Restart Your App or Webpage

The way your app or browser on which you are using Discord behaves can affect how well a bot works. If you are on the mobile Discord app, close it and start it again. You can also try force-stopping it by going into your phone’s app settings. Try clearing the app cache as well. 

If you are using a web browser, try reloading the tab or exiting and opening a new one. Browsers and Discord itself take up a lot of memory which might lead to freezes and malfunctions. Like the mobile app, you can try clearing caches and exiting the browser. 

Kick and Add Rythm Back to Server

If you have the authority, you can try removing Rythm from the server and adding it again. This method works with many issues regarding the Discord Rythm bot not working, especially if you are struggling with summoning the bot successfully, getting it to add songs to queues, using different commands, etc. 

Try a Different Voice Channel

For whatever reason, sometimes a bot stops working in specific voice channels. It is only temporary, and things return to normal after a while. In the meantime, you can try listening to music on a different voice channel. Who knows, this might be the surprising solution to the Discord Rythm bot not working for you.

Re-install or Update Your App

As your final resort, you can try re-installing your Discord app. You only need to do so when you are sure that the bot’s servers are fine and your device is functioning properly. Your app might be outdated as well. 

Final Words – Discord Rythm Bot Not Working

There are many potential reasons behind the Discord Rythm bot not working. It could be anything from a server problem to an issue with your app or webpage. Fortunately, most of them are easily resolvable. Unless the bot has been put out of service, it takes just a few minutes for the problem to be solved.

The guide provided here is enough to get you through all the obstacles between you and your favorite music. You can always opt for alternatives if the issues persist from the server side or the bot goes out of service. 

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